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Individual Risk Management/Insurance Planning

Many people view insurance with scepticism. When insurance planning isn't integrated with your family's financial plans, this worry could be quite well founded.

The fact is, as you transition through your life, from young and single, to married with family, to retired and ultimately to passing on, insurance can play a valuable role in regards to risk protection and as a tool to achieve a variety of other tax and inter-generational wealth transfer objectives (PDF2)

We treat insurance as a "tool" to be used to achieve identified objectives. The objectives arise as we review your financial plan. We highly recommend that you don't just go out and buy insurance. Review your insurance plans with us; we'll clearly identify the need, type and amount of insurance for you and clearly tie the recommendation to your financial plan (PDF1)

We provide life, disability, critical illness and health benefits insurance from the major insurance providers.

Insurance strategies do produce significant risk protection and wealth enhancement results. Let us show you how this can work to support your financial plan.

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