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Your Charitable Gift

"I am 67 years old, my husband is gone, god bless his soul, and all I have to live on is my government CPP and OAS and what is left of my husband's RRSPs. He was such a good man. They were so good to him in the hospital; so caring and thoughtful. I just wish there was something I could do but I can’t see how that would ever be possible."

Sound familiar? It could be any cause ... a cause that tugs at your heart; a cause that has touched your life in some way. We believe that, given the opportunity, just about everyone could name one or more causes they would dearly love to support.

What stops us? Are we apathetic? Do we think we can't afford it? Are we worried that we will be taking away from our heirs and they won’t like it? Or, do we just think, we are ordinary people that can’t make a difference?

At Transitions Wealth Strategies, we can’t inspire you to give. You, as an individual, must identify the cause yourself. The emotional side of the decision to give is yours. What we can do though is show you that even if you are “ordinary” you can make an extraordinary difference. You can usually make a difference well beyond any dream you ever had.

We know the strategies. We know what can be accomplished with so little. Our mission is to share our knowledge with others so that their dreams can come true. In doing so, we will be inspired too. In our hearts we will know that we have made a difference too!

Whether you are inclined to give an immediate gift that impacts your disposable income today or a planned gift that doesn't affect your income now but directs a gift to charity from your assets after you're gone, we will match the best strategy to your financial situation. Whether you are the widower above, a small business owner or retired and enjoying the good life, we will show you what can be achieved.

"If you can dream it; you can do it!" Let us compassionately show you the way...

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