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Retirement Planning

Retiring with confidence means knowing your wealth will last for your lifetime. It means you will be able to lead the lifestyle you choose. Isn't this where we all eventually want to be? We will work with you, as you transition through phases in life, to define and monitor lifelong plans to achieve your desired retirement lifestyle goals.

It can't be left to chance. Even with modest means, too many opportunities will pass you by.

We will develop a financial plan to support your retirement goals determining what and how you need to save while integrating the effects of government support programs and personal pensions. We will implement plans so as to avoid government benefit clawbacks and increase income splitting potential (PDF1) while strategizing and taking advantage of all available tax credits.

So many just think of retirement planning as throwing as much as possible into RRSPs and hoping for the best. Even for those with modest means (PDF3), there are many strategies that can be implemented (PDF2). Let us show you the way!

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