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Cash and Debt Management

Financial management of one's affairs is important at all times as you transition through life. Young couples with mortgages and children struggle to make ends meet; middle aged couples wonder if they are saving enough; those in retirement wonder if they are spending too much.

One of the very first steps we do with all our clients is create a cash flow planning document that projects into the future. Our clients are amazed at how clearly they can see exactly where they are at and where they will be in the future. They can visualize the impact of all their financial decisions and are able to make each decision with clear awareness as to how it affects where they want to be in the future. (PDF1)

Aside from clarifying our client's financial position and projecting it into the future, our mandate then becomes one of a mentor "guarding" our client's long term goals as they deal with the day-to-day stressors in life.

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