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Charitable Giving

Having a special needs child usually gives cause for the Caregiver to use the support programs provided by the organizations aligned with the disability afflicting their child. These organizations provide advice, emotional and sometimes funding support for the disabled child, the Caregivers and associated research.

Based on this personal attachment, Caregivers will often be inclined to structure their Wills or Insurance Plans so that they can direct a gift to the charity at the time of their passing. As well, we often see that the charitable organization is named as a beneficiary of the residue of the Henson Trust once the disabled dependent passes on and no longer needs the financial support from the Trust. Aside from supporting the charitable cause, planned giving also provides for tax reduction strategies that can significantly reduce the tax liability exposure of the Caregiver’s estate.

"Planned Giving" is covered in more detail under the "Charitable Giving" section of our Web Site. We are passionate about creating financial strategies to support these causes.

At Transitions Wealth Strategies, we will assist you with the effective wording in your Will or Trust Documents and the selection of Insurance beneficiaries to implement the gifting plans that you wish to implement at the time of your passing.

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