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When to Incorporate

When you first take that leap to follow your entrepreneurial passion, the simplest and most effective business structure is "sole proprietorship" either on your own or with one or more partners. You work long hours to build your business and make many sacrifices along the way based on your belief in the product or service that you are offering. Soon after, the successful business will start to generate income that is used to build the business and support your personal lifestyle needs. At some point, as the business grows, the question arises ... should I incorporate?

Transitions Wealth Strategies assists small business owners in making this decision. There are many variables that need to be evaluated. There are pros and cons. As such, there has to be solid business reasons and advantages to make the structural change. We will show you when the timing is right.

At the appropriate time, there are significant financial advantages to restructuring as a corporation. Transitions Wealth Strategies will help you with the transition and guide you in simple, straight forward terms to ensure these advantages are not lost.

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